At any University, it is customary to write an essay paper to test a student's knowledge. It should be drawn up in accordance with the methodological plan, and all its points should be used. You can arrange everything according to the requirements on the website.

The Essay is made on a separate sheet, A4 format, in Times New Roman font, paragraph spacing 1.5. the Width of the fields is aligned differently in each University.

Before writing it, the student must complete practical work and collect the necessary data. This can be a table(s) of the received data, which now needs to be moved to the correct processed view.

The conclusion is at the end of the paper. In this section, you will need to draw a conclusion about the work done, make suggestions and comments. Describe in detail what methods edit my paper were used and what was obtained in the end. Indicate whether the desired results were achieved.

How to write essay conclusions correctly

The conclusion is written on 1 - 3 pages maximum. The conclusion is stated here. The easiest way to write it is when the work is designed based on the data specified in the introduction. The conclusion describes whether the desired data was received. It is necessary to note how relevant the research was, whether the topic was fully disclosed, whether You were able to reveal your goals, solve the tasks set.

The author should write briefly. When addressing the issue of relevance of the work performed, it will be necessary to refer to the literature sources used. The collected information must be up-to-date, for the last years.

The amount of main work received may vary depending on the complexity of its implementation.

The structure of writing:

  • introduction;
  • the main part;
  • conclusion;
  • list of references.

The conclusion is written in free form, following the following rules:

  • here it is necessary to refer to what was mentioned in the introduction. If there, for example, it was indicated that the reaction of photosynthesis to plants was determined. Then in conclusion, you should write you were able to conduct this experiment and whether the data was calculated correctly.
  • explain the methods that were used to solve the problems. To do this, you studied the literature, drew conclusions, made measurements and checked the data obtained, built graphs, or performed something else. In Conclusion, it will be appropriate to recall that graphs, tables were constructed, graphs and tables were used.
  • describe the result, what does it say? Whether you managed to achieve your goals.

Examples from teachers

Before writing for the first time, there is a problem because you do not know how to properly formalize and what will be appropriate to write? Don't panic!

You need to contact the teacher and ask for his manual!

You should also ask them if the Department has any previous work on a similar topic, to see how students in your course wrote their Conclusions. What calculations they made and what literature they used.

On the Internet, you can always find an example of a ready-made work. You can open it and view buy college essays what was used: which tables, figures, tables, and calculations were used. Scrolling through it will not be less than a question on how to write an essay correctly.

Errors and secrets of conclusions (conclusions) to essay works

To write a good essay work, you also need to try because they differ in the style of presentation. Some require a detailed presentation, while others require you to write briefly and only the essence. If you don't need to specify the introduction, goal, object, and tasks when writing, then the conclusion will be brief. Just list the theoretical part and that's it. If an introduction was indicated, the development of the presentation will be different. It will be necessary to write in detail and draw conclusions for each written Chapter. Especially such registration is required from students when performing large-scale work. In Conclusion, you will have to draw a Conclusion for each graph and table. For example, after analyzing the population graph, we can conclude that the population in city M has increased. This means that the demographic situation is improving.

Wellв, we have already built graphs in the library, now you will need to read it aloud several times. Check for errors: stylistic, grammatical, and speech errors. Correct errors in calculations, if any.

If you have a feeling of finished work, then you can submit it for review!

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